A Park And A Museum For The Ruta De La Paz


The project “La Ruta de la Paz” by the sculptor Jiménez Deredia can finally be appreciated in its entirety in a new sculpture park and in a new museum that is being realized exclusively for this project, in San Rafael de Alajuela, Costa Rica.

The monumental sculptures that the artist created for the “Deredia a Roma” exhibition have found a definitive location in a park that enchants with its poetry and the artistic and architectural balance it emanates.

The sculptures of the park interact with nature and the native vegetation of Costa Rica as if trying to communicate the symbolic values ​​of the American continent. The museum, still under development, will host a more detailed description of the project “La Ruta de la Paz”, showing the preliminary drawings and architectural-sculptural projects that the artist has created for each country on the continent.

The museum and the park of “Hacienda Espinal”

aim to become an important reference point for the museum culture of Costa Rica and will surely be a driving force for the future development of the project across the continent.