Jiménez Deredia in Lucca


Old town Lucca
The cosmic energy in the sculptures of Jiménez Deredia
From April 28th to September 10th

From April 28th to September 10th 2018 Lucca hosts an exhibition – event of the artist Jimenez Deredia, accomplished thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Banca del Monte of Lucca, the Lucca Development Foundation and the Municipality of Lucca, curated by Massimiliano Simoni, patron of Artitaly.

“Deredia in Lucca. The cosmic energy in the sculptures of Jiménez Deredia” is an exhibition that includes the presentation of monumental works of art en plain air in bronze and marble in the main squares of the historical center of Lucca. Simultaneously, the event with free admission, involves the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, in piazza San Martino 7, where the artist exhibits works of medium and small size.

The artistic event is part of an international circuit of monumental exhibitions that sees the master Jiménez Deredia as the absolute protagonist. Deredia in Lucca is the continuation of an exhibition that has crossed many cities, from Florence to Rome, from Valencia to Trapani, from Mexico City to Miami.

The City of Lucca, with all its culture and history, is the ideal setting to present the works of Jiménez Deredia. The circular and oval shapes of the Costa Rican artist’s sculptures accompany the spectator along a fluid and harmonious path Jiménez Deredia presents symbolic-transmutative sculpture of an organic nature which presents the idea of cosmic participation. The Costa Rican artist provides a spherical circular view of human beings by means of a series of “Geneses”, which narrate a story of time and space through the transformation of matter, and which, according to the artist, lead us to “acknowledge that we are transmuting stardust”.