Jiménez Deredia en Houston , Texas
January – 17th March 2018

Cosmic Energy in the Sculpture of Jiménez Deredia – Art of the Wolrd Gallery

From the 18th January to 17th March 2018, Jiménez Deredia holds the exhibition “Comsic Energy in the Sculpture of Jiménez Deredia” at the Art of the World Gallery in Houston, Texas. For this occasion, the Gallery selected 15 bronze sculptures and 2 marble sculptures directly from the studio of Deredia – all recent works by the master that share classical elements and bear the sculptor’s seminal figures. This exhibition indicates the beginning of a dialogue. It opens the door to a Texan dialogue about Deredia, and the nature of his system of Transmutative Symbolism, and the ability of his sculpture to provide an understanding of mankind within the universe.Most of all, it awakens  within an urban dweller am appreciation of the power, promise, and mystery of art.

For more information: http://www.artoftheworldgallery.com