Jiménez Deredia en San Jose, La Fuerza y la Universalidad de la Esfera


From February 20th to July 14th 2019, the City of San José in Costa Rica, will be hosting an exhibition of the artist Jiménez Deredia intitled “Jiménez Deredia en San José: la fuerza y la universalidad de la esfera”.

The exhibition of the Costarican artist includes the presentation of 27 monumental works of art en plain air in marble, granite and bronze, placed through an urban route that goes from the Avenida Central to Plaza de la Democracia, passing through La Plaza de la Cultura. Simultaneously the event involves Museo del Oro and Museo del Jade where the artist will be exhibiting works of medium and small size with the aim of presenting to the public the artistic and philosophic ideology on which his work is based.

The cultural event is part of an international circuit of monumental exhibitions that sees the master Jiménez Deredia as the absolute protagonist. Jiménez Deredia en San José is the continuation of an exhibition that has crossed many cities, from Florence to Rome, from Valencia to Trapani, from Mexico City to Miami, from Houston to Lucca in Tuscany.

San José is an important setting to present the work of Jiménez Deredia. The circular and oval shapes of the Costa Rican’s sculptures accompany the spectator along a fluid and harmonious path through the urban fabric.

In this exhibit Jiménez Deredia showcases:

  • A series of Geneses that convey time and space over the transmutation of matter
  • An “Environmental Sculpture” concept that describes cosmic participation
  • a round-spherical vision of the human being
  • a symbolic- Transmutative sculpture of organic nature that describes the cosmic participation
  • A sculpture that helps us realize that we are star dust in transmutation

Since 1987, when Deredia held a major exhibition in the Museos del Banco Central de Costa Rica, San José has become an important point of reference for his career. In this context, “Jiménez Deredia en San José” represents an important return of the artist to his native country and it is also a significant opportunity to show his works and his artistic philosophy.

During the last years Jiménez Deredia has tried to decode Costa Rican cultural identity and the pre-Columbian spheres have been a fundamental element for a better understanding. An exhibition in the city of San José is an opportunity to clarify, through his art works and his philosophy, an idea of the world linked to a spherical vision of life. Rather than an exhibition it is a moment of reflection where the students of all the schools will be able to deepen a vision of being Costa Rican. The spectator will also have the opportunity to get in touch with large sculptures and with a structured artistic and philosophical thought.

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