Jiménez Deredia in San José The Strenght and the universality of the Sphere
February 20th – July 14th 2019

From February 20th to July 14th 2019, the Municipality of San José in Costa Rica, hosts an exhibition of the artist Jiménez Deredia intitled Jiménez Deredia en San José: la fuerza y la universalidad de la esfera. The exhibition of the Costarican artist includes the presentation of 27 monumental works of art en plain air in Boulevard de Calle 2 and goes from Boulevard de la Avenida Central to Plaza de la Democracia, passing through Plaza de la Cultura, the National Theater, the Metropolitan Cathedral and Plaza Juan Mora Fernández.

Simultaneously the event involves Museos del Banco Central de Costa Rica and Museo del Jade y de la Cultura Precolombina where the artist exhibits works of medium and small size with the aim of presenting to the public the artistic and philosophic ideology on which his work is based. The cultural event is part of an international circuit of monumental exhibitions that sees the master Jiménez Deredia as the absolute protagonist.